EsthétiX - La nuit II // Saturday, 17. November 2018

Dive into a different world!

It's time, on Saturday, November 17, 2018, the second "EsthétiX-La nuit" takes place in the “Schlosshof”(castle yard) / Dance Inn in Münchwilen (CH). Join us – we are over 30 helpers and players and we will do everything to ensure that you have an unforgettable evening! 

... meet, dance, drink, eat and play on two floors - DJs, Showacts, Art and Concierge X. Everything in a beautiful, sensual-erotic atmosphere -  different worlds, whether bizarre, frivolous, shrill or extravagant, blend into a colorful variety.


Date: 17. November 2018
Entry starting: at 21:00 (until 04:00)
(The event entrance is on the left side behind the parking lot, when you look towards the building, entrance OST)

On the spot, we will also take care of your physical well-being: 1. Variations of "Piadinas" / 2. Variations of (Couscous-)Salads with or without fruits / 3. Fruit-Plate

Please use the pre-sale, if you have already decided to join us :)

Box office: 60.00 CHF / Person
Pre-Sale: 55.00 CHF / Person  (via with ticket or via "Vereinskonto" (PC-Konto 15-25910-5): Esthetix, 8404 Winterthur CH30 0900 0000 1502 5910 5 on the guest list)

A little surprise awaits you there with the EsthétiX business card!



1. Pat pARTtoo 


2. Showact: Burlesque & Pole Performances by Amber Eve

3. Der Puppenspieler

4. Shibari-Show mit Atrim Namor, Aleia Nala & Lea


5. Magier Askur @ EsthétiX

6. Compagnie Quilla - The Passage (Tanz)

( /

7. Foto-Corner by Lumina Obscura Photography

8. Concierge-Service-X

9. Rolling Sugar-Girl

(Quelle Symbol-Bild:


Who is the event for?

Our events are for guests over the age of 18, who like to party in an unconventional environment in special dresses, who love to celebrate frivolous. Guests who want to enjoy a nice evening in a special, stylish atmosphere and just like to dance and live like-minded people.

Yes, but what exactly is the "EsthétiX - la nuit"?

The lack of "drawerization" has its reason: We do not want to squeeze the event into a corset (this may be part of your outfit *smile*). We provide you a platform with a lot of passion: "EsthétiX - la nuit" will become what you make it with your visit.

It is a dance party with the possibility to live out your imaginations. With over 30 helpers and actors we want to offer you an unforgettable evening.

Would you like to celebrate your birthday with us?

For guests, who have their birthday on the 17th or 18th of November: Contact us via Your entry is free of charge (please bring your ID on site). You have the possibility to invite max. 8 friends, on whose entrance fee 50% discount is guaranteed. The names of these persons must be notified to us 1 week in advance, come on the guest list and then pay only half the price. In addition, the birthday child expects a little surprise :).

What music is played at the event?
Our concept is to play danceable, emotional and driving music. We play varied, multifaceted and yet in a closed whole.

2 Floors: Dark-Alternativ-Electronica, Dark Beats, Minimal-Techno, Instrumental Core, Progressive, EBM, Industrial

Is there a dress code?
Yes - Live your uniqueness! Feel sensual & free!

 The following clothes are desired:

  • Elegant / Tailcoat / Frock coat
  • lacquer / leather / latex
  • Gothic / Bizarre / Neo-Romantic / Baroque
  • Diesel Punk / Steam Punk
  • Fantasy
  • Drag Kings & Queens / Burlesque

Are you unsure about your outfit and our dress code? Get it contact with us.

No-Go: Street clothes, complete naked, only in boxer shorts or if the dress code is not respected, we reserve the right to refuse admission without refund.

Can I change there?

Yes, changing facilities are available in a separate room

Is there a wardrobe?

Yes, included

What does the location offer?

  • Room for 400-600 guests
  • several bars
  • dance floor
  • Chill-out lounge with play area in the “Schlosshof”
  • small smoking lounge
  • separate changing room
  • wardrobe

The location is in an industrial area, "Schlosshof" is the name of a room, the location is not a castle.

Payment options on site? 

Payment on the spot is only possible in cash (no debit card system). Drinks and food at the bars are paid with a payment card by paying off the amount (available at the entrance and at the Dance Inn next to the bar).

Are parking spaces available?

Yes, free parking is right next to the building.

Is there any food available on site?

Yes, you can order food at the bar:
1. Variations of "Piadinas" 

2. Variations of (Couscous-)Salads with or without fruits

3. Fruit-Plate


Which rules do I have to consider?

Be respectful, responsible & tolerant. Behave yourself stylish and with grade.


Is it allowed to take pictures or videos?

No. All guests should be able to enjoy the event carefree.


What exactly is the Concierge Service?

There are concierges on site (marked as such). Gladly you can take, in a stunted frame, smaller direct or mediated services for a self-selected tip. 

Ideas for this could be:

  • If you do not want to queue at the bar yourself?
  • Do you want to hear your favorite song in a timely manner?
  • Are you after a massage?
  • Are you missing a dance partner?
  • Do you just want to talk?
  • Should someone take care of your drink?
  • Are your shoes dirty?
  • Do you want to be photographed?
  • Do you need more space?
  • Do you want to get rid of a "worshiper"?
  • Should someone be gifted anonymously or in your name?
  • Do you want to find someone specific for you who...?


Or do you want to enjoy the Concierges area with little extras for a break, alone or in company? 

Communicate your needs! Announce your wish respectfully and in style - the concierges decide if they want and can fulfill it. The limit only set your imagination and / or a "no" of the concierge.


Next possibility is the Hotel Münchwilen: